Canada: Call to raise work limit for int’l students

Independent member of the Canadian House of Commons Darshan Singh Kang highlighted the case in parliament, asking the minister of immigration Ahmed Hussen to raise the number of hours international students can legally work in Canada.

“While these students are learning in schools, they are also working and contributing to our economy,” Singh Kang stated.

“Mr Sandu is facing deportation for working too much, this is sad, and this is not right.”

Hussen explained that the government had made changes to the post-graduate work permit to allow students to stay and work in Canada following graduation, but it was “important” for visa applicants to “live up to the requirements of the immigration system”.

Immigration department spokesperson Beatrice Fenelon told The Hamilton Spectator that regulation tries to ensure that study permit holders are genuine students.

“Limiting off-campus work to 20 hours per week while class is in session reflects that the student is genuinely pursuing their studies while continuing to offer the opportunity to gain valuable workplace experience in Canada and earn some money,” she said.

“A person seeking to work full-time would have a primary purpose of working, not studying, and should seek a work permit.”

A CBIE spokesperson told The PIE News that working during studies is important for visiting students.

“We know from our latest International Student Survey that the opportunity to work while studying is a key driver for the majority (62%) of students who choose Canada,” they explained.

“Our research shows that many students (75%) value opportunities to work following their studies as well.” -

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